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Our Partners

Image of 'RMC Group' Logo RMC Group works with FAC to provide sales and marketing assistance nationwide. Since 1970, RMC's companies have worked with financial advisors to provide tax-efficient solutions to business owners and high net-worth clients. Regional offices located throughout the nation allow RMC to work closely with clients and advisors. This results in superior planning and service to clients. RMC's companies have 50 years of expertice creating innovative employee benefit plans for the small business and estate planning market. Our partnership with RMC allows us to bring a package of benefit services unparalleled in the industry. This unique platform allows us to partner with highly rated insurance carriers and bring innovative planning opportunities to our clients. Together, we handle the administration for several of the largest and most respected insurance companies in the nation. If these Fortune 500 Companies can trust us with their plans, we are confident that you can trust us with yours. Our panel of experts handles the details of our clients' plans so that they can focus on their business.