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Our Process

Every company has unique benefit needs. Our consultants in actuarial science, benefits, tax planning, administration and plan communications work with clients to focus on benefit objectives and goals. This comprehensive, process-driven approach to benefit planning guides our clients down the path to a better retirement strategy. Our process is simple. First, we assess the readiness of our clients to retire given their lifestyle and business goals. Second, we come up with possible actions and programs to get our clients closer to their goals. This process is on-going and continues throughout the lifetime of the plan. Retirement planning can be complex, but with our experience and expertise, we can make the process simpler.

Retirement plans are an integral part of a successful benefit program. However, deciding which plan is most beneficial is not an easy task. At FAC, we simply the process by acting as a guide through eligibility, benefits options and funding decisions. We implement the plan, make its prototype documents available or help the client's counsel prepare plan and trust documents, and submit them the IRS for a determination letter.

FAC administration services include:

  • Allocation of contributions and record keeping for defined contribution and 401(k) plans
  • Certified actuarial valuation of plan benefits and liability for defined benefit plans
  • Preparation and filing of necessary IRS, PBGC and Department of Labor forms and response inquiries
  • Funding strategies-the evaluation and placement of investments, insurance, and annuity contracts